Monday, November 29, 2010

who I am

Well my name is Stephanie. I am 18 and I am the victim of bullying. I have been bullied my entire life and I have only just recently decided to start this blog to share my story. I was a victim of bullying since i was in grade 2. I was always different not like most kids. I have a bit of a quirky side to me. I'm funny, I'm spunky and I am in all essence a target. I don't like saying it but most people think I ask to be bullied. That is not the case by any means. Yes some things I do are not what people would consider normal, but I do not feel that I need to be tormented because of it. My hopes in having this blog is to share with my readers what I went through and hopefully allow me to give support to other victims because I know first hand what they are going through. I will be an open ear and I will listen when no one else will. I want to bring forth change and I intend to do so. So this blog is for anyone who is bullied, was bullied, or wants to try to stop bullying because no one deserves to be bullied and certainly no one asks to be bullied.

Sincerely yours

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