Friday, December 3, 2010

Dummy me

Hey readers sorry I abandoned you for so long. It's been awhile since I've been on this account and I really had no idea what to write plus my little brother hogs the computer so I got an iPhone so I can do this blog again and not start a world war over the computer being used by me. On top of that dummy me forgot my password and then had to reset everything so it could be used on my phone. As friends and family would say to me the hair dye is seeping into my brain....... I think I'm starting to agree with them. I know most of you are not awake to read this post but I hope you haven't given up on me I still want to make a difference and I think I know how to now. So starting tomorrow I start my initiative to get rid of bullying and to help all of you fight back against your bully because I have faith in you and I'm here to listen and help you through it. I won't let you deal with it alone. Good night readers. Talk to you all tomorrow.

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