Friday, December 3, 2010

Fast Forward

So I have come to realize that my very early days of bullying won't really reach my target audience so I have decided that I will skip ahead to my grade 8 year in public school and continue on from there all the way through high school till my present day. So I would have to start with my first experience of bullying in grade 8 as being the time when I had a run in with N when we were going to get changed for gym. We were all heading for the change rooms in the gym when I noticed that N had dropped her gym shorts on the ground and I picked them up to give them back to her. I called her name and she turned around quite aggressively and shouted at me "What Wh***?" I was quite startled by what she had said and merely stood there for a few seconds and then I decided that my nice gesture was completely unwanted so still holding her gym shorts in my hand I walked over to the nearest garbage can and threw her gym shorts in and then I proceeded to dump my water bottle's water on them so they were soaking wet and in the garbage. As I walked past her I merely said to her, "you dropped something but you might need to fish it out now" and continued to walk on into the change room. I have never really liked playing the victim and I guess I would make my bullies upset because I would always fight back and not allow them to get to me. I know that it only made them escalate in the end but I always thought I could handle it. That is until I reached high school. Then things changed entirely.

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