Wednesday, December 1, 2010

first encounter with bullying

This as I have titled was my first encounter with bullying. Now before I start I should say that I will not disclose any names but I will use letters in replace of names. I was in grade 2 when I had my first encounter with bullying that I can remember. I was out in the school yard with J and M and A and it was winter. Bloody cold but we had found this ice patch in the school yard so J decided to hit it with the heel of her boot and see what happens. She hit it and then proceeded to scream "H**Y C**P". Now coming from a grade 2 student this is not really acceptable language but we all laughed and so did she. She then told me to do the same thing she did and I did and it hurt a lot. I mean a lot, I was almost in tears. My whole leg went numb with pain, I couldn't feel it and then a sharp pain went right up my leg and I screamed "H**Y C**P". They all looked at me and J said, "you are such a copy cat you can't even think of your own thing to say. Now you have to do it again." So I hit my heel against the ice again and it hurt twice as much as the first time and I screamed, "H**Y COW". Once again they all looked at me and J said, "come on really. You think that is cooler than what I said do it again." So I did it the last and final time on the ice. By this time I had tears streaming down my face because I was in so much pain and I just screamed, "H**Y F***". J, M and A all looked at me and said, "you swore we are so telling on you. You can't be friends with us cuz you swore." They then went in after recess and told the teacher on me and I was punished for what I had said. I was in tears. I felt like they had forced me to say it just to gain their approval and now I was in trouble, in pain and I wasn't their friend. I felt like I was an inch tall. I felt like it was my fault and in the eyes of them it was my fault but I just wanted to feel like I belonged. After that the bullying only got worse.

Sincerely yours,

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